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Updated: 2014-10-31

There are more than 140 kinds of chain-enterprise operation industries in Shanghai. Shanghai has business clusters that consist of head offices for domestic and foreign trading enterprises, enterprise operation management centers, brand operation centers, fund settlement centers, logistics centers, distribution centers, sales centers and purchase centers to name a few.

Many international high-end commodity and service brands have established their China head offices and Asia-Pacific head offices in Shanghai. Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone has also attracted many head offices for supermarket chains and catering chains, an important factor in improving the trade zone’s overall image. In 2011, the trade zone was home to head offices for Lotus and Carrefour supermarkets, the small supermarket chain Dia, and catering chains such as Qianguoju and Yonghe Soy Milk.

The retail value of social consumer goods in Lujiazui Trade Zone reached 29.24 billion yuan ($4.65 billion), up 23.1 percent year-on-year. The figure is higher than the average growth rate of 16.1 percent in Pudong New Area. Super Brand Mall and New Shanghai Shopping City have become key places of consumption for white-collar workers. As a high-end consumer destination, Shanghai International Financial Center not only meets high-end demand in the trade zone but also attracts high-end consumers from other areas. Catering enterprises provide various business menus for white-collar workers and meet auxiliary demands for various enterprises. Business buildings are accompanied by small supermarkets, banking outlets and other service providers, making things convenient for white-collar employees.