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Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival ends

When the 7th Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival had its finals, on Nov 23, 2013 at the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the Pudong branch of Agricultural Bank of China was pitted against Shanghai University, with ABC Pudong coming in as the winner in a debate about the challenges and opportunities of Internet financing. More>>

University students get important look at Shanghai Free Trade Zone

More than 80 students from several dozen of China’s top universities, including Peking University and City University of Hong Kong, had a chance to visit the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Lujiazui Finance District, Nov 24 - 25, during this year’s Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival. More>>

Lujiazui Youth Dream Show as an opener

The Lujiazui Youth Dream Show was held on the November 11, 2013, marking the beginning of the 7th Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival in Shanghai. More>>

Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival opening in Nov

The two-week festival is expected to get nearly 10,000 people taking part in such activities as the Lujiazui Youth Dream Show, which will be directed by some talented people from the world of finance. More>>

The seventh Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival officially opened the afternoon of Nov 11. It was launched by the people’s government of Pudong New Area and co-organized by Pudong New Area’s financial services authority and the administrative committee of Lujiazui Finance District.

The festival aims to present a dynamic and charming Lujiazui. Its vitality is rooted in the financial institutions, talent, global competitiveness and influence of the area. Lujiazui’s charm can be found in its high-end planning and construction, humane services, organized business operations and international cultural ambience.

Lujiazui Financial Culture Festival was launched to demonstrate the brand and image of Lujiazui, and to improve its soft power to gain more influence in the global financial industry.


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