A group of journalists from more than 30 media agencies in China embarked on a fact-finding trip to report on the booming agricultural sector of Yantai from Aug 6-9.

During the four-day trip, the group visited Yantai’s featured agricultural companies in Muping district, Qixia, Laiyang and Haiyang city to learn local agro products such as apples, pears and aquatic products.

Jointly organized by the Yantai publicity department and agricultural bureau, the event aimed to showcase the modern agriculture and some featured agro-product brands of Yantai city.

  • Laiyang pears

    A county-level city in Yantai, Laiyang is famous for pears, enjoying an equal reputation alongside Yantai's renowned apples.

  • Yantai cherries

    Yantai cherries are honored as the “King of Fruit” thanks to their high nutritional value.

  • Yantai apple

    Yantai is the hometown of apples. The Yantai apple has more than 100 varieties.

  • Yantai green tea

    Yantai, featuring a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, is an ideal place in Shandong to plant high quality green tea.