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  • Stars glitter above Changdao county


    A series on long exposure photographs of Changdao county have got netizens tongue's wagging, revealing the secret beauty of the sky at night.

  • Autumn magic in Yantai


    Yantai is stunning all year round, but many say that autumn is when it's at its most beautiful. Photographers in Yantai journeyed to the city's hotspots to capture beautiful scenery during the best season of the year.

  • Apple season arrives in Yantai


    A good apple harvest greets the arrival of autumn in Yantai, a city in Shandong province famous for being China's largest apple production and processing base.

  • Wonderland-like sunrise in East China


    Yantai is known as a "Fairyland on Earth" and "City of Wine", where you can enjoy a blue sea and sky, golden sunshine and beaches, miraculous islands.

  • Highlights of Yantai folk arts and crafts fair


    Yantai folk artists show their skills at the 2016 China (Yantai) Folk Arts and Crafts Fair.

  • Penglai Pavilion: from dusk till dawn


    As the sun rises over the horizon the sky and ocean of Penglai Pavilion is shaded crimson on Sept 17, 2016.