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Zhangjiagang launches Western Returned Scholars Association     2019-09-10

Zhangjiagang launched its own chapter of the Western Returned Scholars Association on Sept 10, providing a platform for overseas scholars to offer advice for the port city's development.

Port city launches intelligent garbage sorting     2019-09-09

Tangqiao town introduced intelligent waste classification in Xintang community, putting 17 intelligent bins in total.

Changyinsha, ideal place for rural tourism in autumn     2019-09-06

If you are thinking about travelling to Zhangjiagang for an autumn visit, Changyinsha will not disappoint you. Visitors have the chance to see amazing rice field, experiencing fruit-picking and also learning reaping rice.

Zhangjiagang Yangtze River Bridge nears connection     2019-08-30

The Yangtze River Bridge on the Shanghai-Nantong railway line in Zhangjiagang, is set to be connected.

Chaonan village set to reproduce a new appearance     2019-08-30

An imaginative renovation project in Chaonan village in Zhangjiagang is currently under way, covering the planting areas of Changmingpian district and several parks in the area.

Fenghuang High School starts construction     2019-08-29

The opening ceremony for the Fenghuang High School project was held on Aug 28 in Fenghuang town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province.

Xiangshan Mountain embraces a sea of sunflowers     2019-08-23

Hundreds of thousands of sunflowers come into bloom at Xiangshan Mountain in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province.

Shagang Group among China's top 500 companies in foreign trade     2019-08-21

Chinese leading steelmaker Shagang Group was listed among China’s top 500 companies in terms of foreign trade in 2019, ranking 87th, with its imports and exports totalling $3.75 billion.

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