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Industrial parks in local towns

Updated: 2019-03-19

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Fenghuang Town

Floor space: 78.7 square kilometers

Characteristic area: High-tech industrial park

Characteristic industries: Auto parts, machine building, photovoltaic electronic industry, fine chemical industry

Advantages: A collection of South Korean companies, a vast stretch of peach orchard and springs hotels, noted as the land of ancient Wu songs

Tangqiao Town

Floor space: 94.4 square kilometers

Characteristic area: New energy industrial park

Characteristic industries: Machine building, electronics, textile, solar photovoltaic

Advantages: A collection of textile enterprises, noted as the land of Go chess (a traditional Chinese board game)

Leyu Town

Floor space: 90.2 square kilometers

Characteristic area: Riverside green industrial park

Characteristic industries: Automobiles and auto parts, machine building, chemical industry, new materials

Advantages: A 22.5-kilometer stretch of the Yangtze River bank, reputed as the land of kites

Nanfeng Town

Floor space: 47.5 square kilometers

Characteristic area: Intelligent equipments manufacturing park

Characteristic industries: Iron and steel production, metallurgy materials, mechanical electronics, ecological recreational agriculture

Advantages: Reputed as a “Steel Town” in southern Jiangsu province and an agrarian cultural park

Daxin Town

Floor space: 40.3 square kilometers

Characteristic area: Equipment industrial park

Characteristic industries: Iron and steel production, hardware, textile

Advantages: An 8-kilometer stretch of the Yangtze River bank, renowned as the land of hardware

Modern Agriculture Science Park

Floor space: 37.5 square kilometers

Characteristic industries: Modern agriculture, ecological tourism

Advantages: A holiday resort with multiple agricultural resources

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