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IoT car wash wins Zhangjiagang entrepreneurship prize

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Updated: 2017-11-30

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IoT car wash wins Zhangjiagang entrepreneurship prize

A Zhangjiagang resident uses the "U Mobile Wash" service platform to wash his car at Jinmao station. [Photo/zjgxw.com]

"U Mobile Wash", an O2O car service platform, stood out at the Zhangjiagang E-commerce Entrepreneurship Contest held in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province on Nov 8.

"U Mobile Wash", a one-step self-service auto-washing service platform developed by Suzhou Youdibang Intelligent Technology Co, provides local residents with a convenient, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving way to clean their cars. Based on internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology, the startup offers possibly the world's greenest and most high-tech car washing service in the world. The platform offers an auto-washing service by means of an advanced intelligent terminal and wastewater recycling system.

"U Mobile Wash" can solve many problems, as there are now 340,000 cars on the road in Zhangjiagang. Car washes tend to be expensive and difficult to find, and often pollute the environment because the waste water and dirt is not disposed of properly.

"The ‘U Mobile Wash' platform is a set of smart self-cleaning car terminal equipment. It has many functions including automated car identification, scan WeChat QR code to login, automatic stop function and machine self-diagnosis warming function which have won national patents," said Jiang Dongping, CEO of Suzhou Youdibang Intelligent Technology Co.

"We have developed a wastewater recycling system and the recycling utilization rate of the car wash is 80 percent. Auto-washing sludge filter terminal technology jointly developed by Shanghai Tongji University can utilize sludge to fertilize flowers and grass. "

Zhangjiagang city has already launched 27 auto washing stops and three pilot central washing stations: Jinmao Station, Yongan station and Zhizhong station.

Users need only follow the WeChat official account "uxiche" and click "service station enquiries" to find the nearest available car-washing stop. When arriving at the stop, users can start the wash machine to use water, foam, vacuuming, glass water and other self-washing functions to wash their cars. After finishing, the system automatically charges the user on WeChat.

"I come here every two days to wash my car, and six yuan ($ 0.89) is a very good price. It not only saves time, but is also very convenient," said a local taxi driver surnamed Tao as he washed his car at Jinmao station.

With Zhangjiagang as the headquarters, the service is expected to be rolled out to cities across China over the next few years.

"We hope that the service can be applied in the whole of Zhangjiagang, and that we can promote the Zhangjiagang self-created high-tech internet brand to other places in the nation," Jiang added.

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