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Local woman awarded for heroic dedication to her family

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Updated: 2017-02-07

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Local woman awarded for heroic dedication to her family

Yin Zhilan (second from left in the first row) and her family pose for a group photo. [Photo/subaonet.com]

Taking care of your parents in their twilight years is a burden that many people in China struggle with, but how about caring for four sets of parents? Yin Zhilan, a 68-year-old woman from a village near Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, has been doing just that for decades.

Yin was born into a rural family with seven siblings, and was adopted by her uncle at seven. Without a word of complaint, Yin shouldered the responsibility to take care of her biological parents, as well as her parents-in-law and two sets of aunts and uncles, when she grew up.

According to Yin, her devotion to her family gave her the strength to deal with a burden many people may not have been able to bear. "I don't care about hardship as long as they have comfortable twilight years," she said.

Though she did not expect anything in return for her selflessness, Yin is now being recognized for her contribution. Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Civilization Office awarded her the honorary title of Jiangsu Civilized Family, the first time the government has issued this award.

Yin has also become an inspiration for others choosing to devote themselves to helping others. A voluntary team named after Yin was set up in 2016, providing free services for the elderly, such as room cleaning and haircuts.

Her love and devotion has also become a family tradition: Mao Hong, her daughter-in-law, rushes to care for the elders every day she has off work, while her granddaughter Yin Jiaxin also regards her as a role model.

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