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Jiangnan style comes to Chenghang Park

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Updated: 2016-11-18

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Jiangnan style comes to Chenghang Park

Chenghang Park used to be something of a rough diamond in Zhangjiagang, but the park has been given a major facelift during the last six months and reopened to the public more beautiful than ever before on Nov 8.

The renovation work has gone far beyond sprucing up the park's tranquil Fresh Breeze and Bright Moon ponds.

Jiangnan style comes to Chenghang Park

Zhangjiagang's Chenghang Park is reopened on Nov 8 after half a year of renovation work. [Photo/zjgwomen.org]

Chenghang now features a variety of traditional Jiangnan-style architecture, with many extra attractions themed around family life in the region.

Walking through the park's waterside pavilions and winding corridors, visitors can now get to know more about the history of Qing'an village at Qing'an Hall, learn from local residents' family traditions and customs at Dexin Garden, and enjoy the excellent paintings and calligraphy at Chenghang Gallery.

Singing and dancing performances embodying the unique culture of local families are staged every day, ranging from stories of filial children to the good customs of surrounding towns and villages.

"The park is now a cultural and spiritual paradise for us, as we can read a book here in the morning, enjoy operas after noon, and take in the splendid night views," said one local elderly visitor.

Jiangnan style comes to Chenghang Park

People can enjoy singing and dancing performances at the park every day. [Photo/ zjgwomen.org]

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