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Baby care competition for fathers

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Updated: 2016-05-27

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The Maternity and Children's Hospital in Zhangjiagang city hosted a baby care competition for fathers on May 22.

Ten fathers and fathers-to-be confidently showed their nursing skills by spreading tower blankets, greasing lubricants and massaging heads, while their wives cheered below the stage.

Ji Bin, the first father to perform on stage, said he would help his four-month-old baby do touching and passive exercises every day after scientific training in the hospital.

Zhu Rong, deputy secretary of the hospital, explained the benefits of the exercise specially designed for babies. He hoped that parents could insist on the baby exercise during the three-month to one-year-old period. He also pointed out that fathers should follow their babies' bone shape and structure to practice gently as the bones and muscles have not been fully developed at this stage.

The city's Maternity and Children's Hospital has now set up baby care service rooms to provide free baby care training courses for parents.

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