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Zhangjiagang tells stories of cultural relics

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Updated: 2015-10-30

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An award ceremony for a national campaign of stories about cultural relics in the Yangtze River basin will kick off in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, on Oct 31.

The Guangming Daily Publishing House, one of the organizers of the campaign will release a new book, named Listen to Stories of Cultural Relics in Yangtze River Basin, at the ceremony. The other two organizers are the Yangtze River Culture Promotion Association and Zhangjiagang city government.

According to the organizers, since its inception in October 2014, the event received more than 120 entries from 12 provinces in the Yangtze River basin, which featured movable relics in museums, immovable ones on streets or in rural areas, and ancient sites and tombs under the ground.

Based on the strict evaluation by a group of 11 prestigious experts, the top 10 best stories and the top 10 stories for nomination award have been selected and will receive awards at the ceremony.

Wu Can, winner of the top 10 best stories, said that this event pays attention to the culture and history embedded in cultural relics, which makes it different from the ordinary treasure hunt.

Huang Jianqiu, member of the expert group and history professor at the Nanjing University, explained that the event presented not only excellent stories but also an innovative promotion model that had the media, local government, experts and citizens joining together.

Shen Weixing, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangming Daily, said that the event helped introduce the Yangtze River culture to more Chinese people and remind them of the importance to preserve and protect the traditional culture.

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