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Greening projects brighten Zhangjiagang

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Updated: 2014-05-14

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The city of Zhangjiagang plans to carry out several greening projects to improve living environment, including park construction, road greening and river landscaping. All the projects are under way.

The greening projects are a key part of Zhangjiagang's top 10 ecological projects.

The park construction involves 14 parks in the city, nine of which have been completed. Central Park, located in Shazhou New Town, has a total area of 85,000 square meters. The park includes a clear lake, a vast lawn and walking trails, providing a relaxing place for citizens to camp, picnic and fly kites.

The city gives equal weight to the construction of road greening projects. One project covering an area of 40 hectares along Xinjing Road includes 6-meter green separators and 4,700-meter green landscape belts.

In addition, river landscaping is in full swing, aiming to build a city corridor featuring ecology, culture and scenery.

The green belts along the city river will highlight both ecology and entertainment by building entertainment facilities to improve the ecological environment and enrich cultural life.

To be more frugal and nature-oriented, bushes and arbor trees will be used less and replaced by native plant species.


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