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Fan Xiuqin gives back to Changdong Community

Updated: 2013-01-21

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Fan Xiuqin, 45, works in the Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park of Changdong Community. Due to her obligation to help those with family problems, people all call her “Sister Fan” affectionately. With her persuasive ability and kind heart, she has solved numerous family problems in the past 17 years.

There is an indigent family in this community. The husband passed away because of kidney cancer, leaving two school-age sons. His wife can hardly bear the heavy economic burden. In order to take care of them, Fan Xiuqin scurried around to acquire subsistence allowances for the family. She opened her own purse many times to help them out of difficulties.

Fan has been working for the community for 18 years since she was elected as director of women in Changdong community. Small as the work she does, she earned a great reputation in the neighborhood. Fan said she will continue to be a “kind-hearted sister”. She also said: “People cannot only live for themselves. We should help each other in good conscience.”

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