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Student lives off 500 yuan per month

Updated: 2013-01-21

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Many people may use 500 yuan to buy clothes or a meal, but for Wu, a college girl living in Qingfeng county, it is one month's living expenses.

Seven years ago, Wu’s family couldn’t afford her tuition fees when she was in junior high school. When he learned of her situation, Liu Hanxiang donated a sum of money and promised to support her until graduation. Wu was admitted to Yangzhou University with excellent grades in 2011.

Last year, Liu Hanxiang was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Although he closed down his small workshop for treatment, he still supported Wu with 500 yuan per month.

“I’m relatively more well-off than her, and I’ll support her no matter how much she needs for school,” he said. His words are simple and he doesn’t think he is more noble than anyone. People like him are helping more and more impoverished undergraduates.

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