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Xuyi people's court employs supervisors to "find faults"
Updated: 2011-12-22

Earlier this year, Xuyi people's court invited 14 incorrupt-government supervisors to a seminar to "find faults" in the court based on honesty, trials and performances.

Liu Ruixiang, secretary of the Xuyi court Party committee and chief judge, informed us of the court's performances on Nov 22.

The incorrupt-government supervisors put forward opinions and proposals on the court's team construction, administration of justice, and the court's practice this year. They pointed out that the court suffers from "lots of cases but few judges", which has led to flaws in judgment. Some judges, weak in the concept of serving the people, are rude, harsh and may shift responsibilities to others. Some court decisions remain hard to implement, causing people appeal to higher authorities for help.

Hearing these "harsh" opinions, Liu said the court would earnestly carry out the decisions of the 6th plenary session of the Party's 17th Congress, and those of the 12th meeting of the 11th provincial Party committee. The court would solidly promote the core values of politics, law and Jiangsu spirits in the new era. The court would concentrate its efforts on talent support, materials, equipment and guarantee solving new problems that arise. It will improve trial performances, judge images and team spirits. Meanwhile, it will supervise and fulfill all incorruptible systems to make an honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient government. These activities are expected to guarantee the prosperity of socialist culture and construct Xuyi into a safe, harmonious place.

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