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Xuyi traffic police sets out to protect the students
Updated: 2011-11-23

Xuyi traffic police have set out to investigate potential danger existing in school buses to ensure student and teacher safety.

The traffic police patrol around kindergartens, primary schools, and middle schools. They investigate overloading, excessive speed, illegal parking, drunk driving, illegal beeping and other illegal behavior. Meanwhile, traffic police make sure the stalls in order and punish the old school buses which have poor safety.

The traffic police team manages to broaden the crowded roads around schools during rush hour. They actively communicate with school leaders and students’ parents to cooperate and improve the traffic situation around schools.

In order to improve students’ traffic knowledge and make them obey traffic regulations, the traffic police team publicizes traffic safety education.

The Xuyi county traffic police team, Weiqiao traffic police team, Mabei traffic police team, Heqiao traffic police team and Guanzhen traffic police team went to Xuyi middle school, No. 2 middle school, Xinma middle school and Shiyan primary school to advocate for traffic safety. At each school, the police gave out handbooks about traffic safety, drafted traffic safety pictures, and taught traffic safety knowledge.

By publicizing traffic knowledge, Xuyi traffic police improve students and teachers’ traffic knowledge and make them better obey traffic regulations.

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