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Beautiful landscape of Xuyi
By Wang Jingjing
Updated: 2011-11-21

Xuyi, a small county with mountains and rivers, has a deep culture. In Xuyi, the Huaihe River stretches for thousands of miles and flows into Hongze Lake. Dabie Mountain lies on the Xuyi lands like a Chinese Loong (Dragon).

Surrounded by water, Xuyi county stands among the mountains. With special resources and geographical prestige, Xuyi stands out amongst the counties in Southern Jiangsu province. Xuyi has become leisure resort for the holidays.

The number of class 4A scenic spots, the number of tourists and tourism income in Xuyi has rivaled the best among counties in Sothern Jiangsu province. Xuyi tourism has transitioned from weak to strong and has become the county’s main economic pillar. Xuyi presents a new style in Jiangsu tourism development.

Xuyi emphasized tourism this year. It has established many places of interest such as the Royal Tombs of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Royal Tombs of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) in Dayun Mountain, the Tieshan Temple and Ganquan Mountain.

The Tianquan Lake areas invested 6 billion yuan and the Longquan Lake resort areas invested 2 billion yuan to create a beautiful landscape in Xuyi. The Jinling Tianquan Lake business center stretches for 47 square kilometers and is considered a holiday resort with multiple functions.

After a draft and development period, a resort with deep culture, beautiful scenery, and good diets will be situated in Xuyi.

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