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Tieshan Temple of Xuyi
By Wang Jinging
Updated: 2011-10-26

Tieshan Temple harmonizes with nature in Xuyi. Tieshan Temple Forest Park of Xuyi belongs to a virgin forest wetland with mountains and springs.

When walking around the temple park, you can feel the peculiar beauty of the mountains and you can breathe in fresh air. If you explore deep within the park, you can see the unusual ancient architecture, the old forests, the rarist botany and rocks, and the most beautiful valleys and lakes.

Tieshan Temple of Xuyi is known for its magic and silence. Its special climate, peculiar geographical features and beautiful landscape set it apart from rival scenic spots.

The vast primary forests and natural lakes surrounded by mountains form the special scenery. Because they were created billions of years ago, being there makes you feel like you’re from anther world. You will feel at ease and appreciate your holidays here.

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