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View spots of Tieshan Temple in Xuyi
By Wang Jingjing
Updated: 2011-10-24

Appreciate cattle, sheep and fish.

Try sweet potatoes, Chinese chestnuts and crayfish.

Experience the highland winds Appreciate the floating clouds and pastoral songs that resonate across the grasslands.

Taste the mountain spring water and view the scenery of thousands of sheep grazing on the mountainside.

Play with fish and shrimps in Tianquan Lake.

Pick wild Chinese chestnuts with a basket and wearing a bamboo hat on the hills.

Experience agricultural life and harvest sweet potatoes, corns, peanuts.

Taste countryside dishes, fish, crayfish, and wild vegetables.

Take a break in the villas in the valley, in western houses by the lake, or flats next to the forest or in the courtyard, or tents by the lake.


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