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Xuyi develops specialist education to improve teaching quality
By Wang Jingjing
Updated: 2011-09-16

Since the beginning of the semester, Mingling primary school in Xuyi county has embraced a new look. Not only does 18 Chinese ancient poems with picture descriptions appear on the primary school's poetic gallery, but also poems created by teachers and students. There are even poem corners on each class' blackboard.

Poem education has become a specialist subject of this school in recent years. Mingling primary school carries out activities that involve writing and reciting Chinese ancient poems, regularly. It also focuses on encouraging students to create content for class newspapers. There are still many primary schools like Mingling primary school that are developing specialist educations for children. This new education style is the result of Xuyi county's dedication towards specialized teaching.

School infrastructure has greatly been improved in recent years. The government has since been focusing on the next phase of development of education for the county.

In 2008, Xuyi Education Bureau introduced new regulations on establishing specialist education schools for overall development of the system. All schools in Xuyi started using the specialist education system via four steps: diagnose the school’s situation and ascertain the school’s development priority; integrate specialist education into teaching course; extend and expand the specialist education and foster their own characteristics; establish specialist school gradually on this basis.

In order to support specialist education, Xuyi Education Bureau has taken many measures to ensure the smooth implementation of this new teaching style. Meanwhile, about seventy headmasters and teachers in Xuyi county have been trained on this new style and the "famous teacher project" has been put into practice at schools.

After the implementation of "specialist school" education for all-around development, many schools have fostered their own characteristics. For instance, in Jiupu primary school, a school in east mountainous areas, flute performance, basketball, drum band, Beijing opera, and aerobics have been introduced. Sanhe primary school’s folk music band was even invited by CETV (china educational television) to perform in Beijing. It subsequently won first prize.

The poem gallery in Xuyi Middle School, the art and PE course in Mabei school, the study of classic Chinese traditional culture in Wudun primary school and the folk barbola in Baoji primary school have all made remarkable progress. These specialist schools have been a great influence on education for all-around development in Xuyi county.

The specialist school system is designed to produce all-round students. The system enables them to learn musical instruments, chess, calligraphy, drawing and sports as co-curricular activities. After three years of steadily implementing the system, specialist education has been approved by the local people.


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