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Wuxi Sunan International Airport

Updated: 2018-06-05

Wuxi Sunan International Airport
Wuxi Sunan International Airport  [Photo from wuxinews.com.cn]

Wuxi Sunan International Airport

Wuxi Sunan International Airport [Photo from wuxinews.com.cn]

Wuxi Sunan International Airport had been in construction since 1995 and was put into operation on February 18, 2004.

The airport has introduced seven airlines, including Shenzhen Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China United Airlines, Air China, Sichuan Airlines and Shenzhen Donghai Airlines, and opened 13 domestic and international lines. Locals can fly to Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Macao.

The airport has been rapidly developed under the guidance of Wuxi government. The growth rates of main indexes, such as the annual passenger throughput and the cargo throughput, ranks 39th and 27th among all civil airports in China.

Wuxi Sunan International Airport Group is devoted to economic and social development in Wuxi, and even the whole southern area of Jiangsu province. It takes advantage ofits locationin the Yangtze River Delta Region. The company integrates internal resources, optimizes industrial structure and coordinates military aviation and civil aviation, making Wuxi increasingly competitive.

In 2013, Wuxi Civil Aviation achieved the 10th successive safe-flight year and received 3.59 million passengers during the whole year, an increase of 10.9 percent over the previous year.

Wuxi Sunan International Airport Group Co. Ltd.

Address: No. 1, Jichang Road, New District, Wuxi

Tel: 0510-96889788

Fax: 0510-85213619

Website: http://www.wuxiairport.com(content through this link in Mandarin only)

E-mail: wxairport@163.com

Airport shuffle bus schedule

Departure area 


Departure area

 Shuofang Airport  07:00  07:40  08:35 Wuxi Railway Station   06:00  06:40  07:20
 09:40  10:15  10:55  08:10  08:40  09:30
 11:20  12:20  13:00  10:20  11:00  11:40
 13:30  14:00  14:45  12:35  13:10  13:50
 15:00  15:55  16:45  14:20  14:55  15:30
 17:30  18:45  19:20  16:10  16:50  17:30
 20:00  21:00  21:40  18:20  20:00  20:55
 22:35  23:20  00:30  21:45  22:30  23:20

Additional information:

1, Airport station: first floor of departure terminal, north of domestic flight arrivals gate.

2, Railway station: east side of the Railway Station, at bus card recharge station.

3, Ticket price: 5 yuan.

Taxi area

The taxi area is near the international flight arrivals gate, first floor of the departure terminal.


The former Wuxi New District, now known as Wuxi Xinwu district or Wuxi National Hi-tech district, was founded in 1992 and underwent administrative changes in 1995, 2002 and 2005.

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