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Modern Agricultural Park (Shaxi)2018-05-14

Modern Agricultural Park's planned area of 2,334 hectares is divided into four functional parts.

University Science Park (Science and Education New Town)2018-05-14

Covering an area of 13.4 hectares, University Science Park adheres to the combination of production, education, and research, to accomplish the effective integration of the universities scientific and technological resources and enterprise resources.

Biomedical Industrial Park (Shaxi)2018-05-14

With a planning area of 200 hectares, on the basis of the existing industry, Biomedical Industrial Park will focus on innovated medicine incubator, basic platform of medicine R&D, and test platform and industrialization base.

Chemical Fiber Industrial Park (Huangjing)2018-05-14

With a planning area of 3sqm2, Chemical Fiber Industrial Park will focus on the development of high-end melt spinning, functional fiber and warp knitting, and gradually extend to the high-end weaving and ready-made garments industry.

Taicang Technology Industry Park2018-05-14

Taicang Technology Industry Park mainly develops high-tech industries such as electronic information and optoelectronic industries.

High-end Equipment Industrial Park (New Zone)2018-05-14

Equal importance should be attached to introducing the industry leading and cultivating new cooperation points.

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