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Loudong Sub-district

Updated: 2012-03-08

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Loudong sub-district is located in the eastern part of Taicang, 8 kilometers away from the urban area, with the Shanghai-Taicang Expressway Chaoyang Road exit and the extension of the Shanghai-Jiading Expressway crossing the district. It covers an area of 71.7 square kilometers and consists of 14 neighborhood committees and nine villager committees, with a permanent resident population of 84,000 and a floating population of 119,000.

Loudong Sub-district


The Loudong sub-district office has, on the principle of "unified district and sub-district administration with emphasis on districts", given full play to its role in social management to foster better economic and social development and urbanization. In 2012, it completed the detailed planning of Ludu Central District and enhanced renovation of Shanghai East Road. It also established three resettlement communities, Phase VI of Chengbei, Huiyang New Garden and Yitong Garden. Four resettlement communities, with a total area of 1 million square meters, including Jinxiu Oriental City, are under construction for farmer resettlement.