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Shuangfeng Town

Updated: 2012-03-08

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Known as the "Home of China's Folk Arts (Dragon and Lion Dance)" honored by the Ministry of Culture and located in western Taicang, Shuangfeng town, covering an area of 62.6 square kilometers, consists of nine villager committees and three neighborhood committees, with a permanent resident population of 34,000 and a floating population of 33,000.

Shuangfeng Town

In 2012, it achieved a regional GDP of 2.72 billion yuan($444 million), a total industrial output value of 9.12 billion yuan and a total investment in fixed assets of 2.6 billion yuan. The per capita income of rural residents reached 22,000 yuan. The town held the sixth Shuangfeng Blessed-Land Culture & Food Festival and promoted the "Blessed-Land" brand. The modern leisure and sightseeing agriculture industry has developed prosperously. The Phase I & II project of Shuangfeng Eco-Park has been opened to the public. The park's national-level fishing center, covering an area of nearly 26 hectares, has held many fishing competitions, including the National Clubs Challenge, the National Crucian Fishing Classic and the National Fishing Championship. Shuangfeng has become an exclusive town known for hosting the above-mentioned three major national events in the country. It received nearly 100,000 tourists during the events.

Shuangfeng town enjoys profound culture and a long religious history. It has been honored as a "National Beautiful Town", "Home of China's Mutton Food" and the "Base of National Fishing Training Competition".