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Huangjing Town

Updated: 2012-03-08

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Located at northeast Taicang, Huangjing town is located in the planned area of Taicang Port. The town enjoys a coastline of 11.8 km along the Yangtze River. It covers an area of 83.0 square kilometers and administrates 13 villager committees and four neighborhood committees, with a permanent resident population of 48,000 and a floating population of 34,000.

Huangjing Town

The town follows the strategic concept of "integrating with the port area on the east; building new towns on the south; promoting development of the countryside, agriculture and farmers on the west; enhancing development of industries on the north; and upgrading the downtown area". The town has intensified construction of three major carriers: the industrial park, the agricultural park and the new town. In 2012, it generated a regional GDP of 10.1 billion yuan ($1.7 billion), a year-on-year increase of 15.5 percent. Its industrial output value was 36.22 billion yuan, up 16 percent, a net increase of 5 billion yuan. It ranks the top in terms of economic aggregate among all towns of Taicang. Its total investment in fixed assets reached 3.76 billion yuan, up 30.9 percent. Its registered foreign investment reached $62.93 million, up 25.8 percent. Actual used foreign investment reached $22.10 million. Net increase of registered capital of private businesses reached $1.3 billion, up 30.3 percent. Newly-added registered capital of domestic investment reached 555 million yuan, up 35 percent. Total imports and exports reached $370 million, up 6.4 percent. Rural per capita net income reached 25,917 yuan, ranking first among all towns of Taicang. It has won a number of honorable titles, including "Famous Chinese Town for Chemical Fiber Flexibility Enhancement", "Home of China's Folk Arts", "National Sanitary Town", "National Beautiful Town" and the pilot town of enhancing grain yield of China.