Bacheng holds Kunqu Opera festival


Updated: 2016-10-10

Bacheng holds Kunqu Opera festival

A scene from The Peony Pavilion, performed at the Bacheng Kunqu Opera Festival on Oct 9.

Kunqu Opera, most famous for its beautiful melodies, is gently resonating around the tranquil water town of Bacheng, Kunshan city.

In celebration of the Double Ninth Festival, also known as Chongyang Festival, a Kunqu Opera festival was held at Yushan Villas in Bacheng town on Oct 9, the day of the Double Ninth Festival.

Many excellent shows were staged, not only by famed opera veterans like Cai Zhengren and Wang Fang, winners of the "Plum Blossom Award", China's "Oscar" for dramas, but also enthusiastic fans from Kunqu Opera communities in Beijing and Chongqing, and even talented children from local primary schools.

"I will always be a fan of Kunqu Opera," said Zhong Shiyue from Chongqing, who was deeply impressed by the art and began learning when she was 16.

On the sidelines was an array of seminars, gathering together many prestigious scholars from home and abroad, aimed at promoting Bacheng's image as a Kunqu Opera town.

Bacheng holds Kunqu Opera festival

Scholars hold seminars on promoting Bacheng's image as a Kunqu Opera town.

Apart from the local government's support, local residents are also actively carrying forward the long-standing art – establishing personal studios, making Kunqu themed animations, and training talented students.

"Bacheng, as home to Kunqu Opera, is the top choice to develop into a Kunqu Opera town," said master Cai Zhengren.


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