Int'l students celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Kunshan


Updated: 2016-09-18

Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK) celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival early on Sept 10, hosting an event for its 500 students, parents and teachers.

The event featured performances of The Legend of the Moon Goddess, as well as singing and dancing, riddles and word puzzles, playing water table tennis and making clay handicrafts.

Student Marie from France found the word puzzles challenging but fun, she said, "The school is a great place for me to learn about Chinese culture and have a good time too."

Laurie Macnaughton, a Canadian fourth-grade teacher, said, "This is my first Mid-Autumn Festival in China and I really enjoyed it. We learnt about the origin and customs of the festival and got to taste traditional delicacies like moon cakes and dumplings."

According to Wang Lihong, organizer of the event, the celebration not only enriches the students, families and teachers’ knowledge of Chinese culture, but also promotes a sense of belonging and inclusivity. "These events give a great opportunity for the kids to express themselves creatively," Wang said. "We will continue to hold these kinds of events with traditional Chinese characteristics in the future."


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