Qiaoyuan Garden opens to public


Updated: 2016-05-13

The once exclusive Qiaoyuan Garden opened to the public on May 11.

The garden forms part of the Tianfu Wetlands Park in Huaqiao town and houses a variety of wetland plants and wildlife, and waterside attractions.

The 687,100-square-meter garden is kitted out for relaxing vacations and business conferences, forums and networking events.

The garden's name is derived from the 28 replica ancient bridges built across its waterways. The bridges imitate the designs of historical bridges found in Kunshan city, including the three bridges inside the Tianfu Temple and Twin Bridge in Zhouzhuang town.

Qiaoyuan Garden opens to public

Calm water, stone bridges and wetland flora and fauna make up a tranquil scene inside Qiaoyuan Garden. [Photo from Kunshan Daily WeChat account]

Qiaoyuan Garden opens to public

Trees and light pink flowers grow on the banks of a lake at Qiaoyuan Garden. [Photo from Kunshan Daily Wechat account]


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