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Braille training courses to benefit the blind

By Lu Wei Updated: 2016-09-27

More than 2,500 blind people in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, will receive braille training courses to help them with daily communication, according to a Sept 26 Baotou Evening News report.

The training courses will be first delivered in a class consisting of more than 50 blind Inner Mongolia residents who already have a good knowledge of braille. Some 15 of the 50 are from Baotou, and they will return to pass on the knowledge of braille to other blind people in the city.

There are more than six million blind people in China, making up 18% of the number of the world’s blind people. Braille used in China has not been standardized and causes confusion at times. A pilot braille training project was launched in March to popularize the standardized form of braille in China, selecting 53 pilot sites from 26 provinces and cities in China. Baotou is one of the two selected pilot sites in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.