Guidance for foreigners to apply for R visa (talent) extension and renewal

Updated: 2016-12-07


High-level and specialized foreign talents in short supply

Application materials

(1) Fill in the Foreigner Visa Certificate Application Form with black ink, paste a recent two-inch full-faced and hat-free photo with white background; signatures by applicant and inviter’s foreign affairs personnel;

(2) Valid passport or other international travel certificates (basic information, valid visa and entry pages);

(3) Official letter with inviter’s seal, and the content should include basic information of applicant and inviter; reasons for application, covering activities, duration and itinerary in China; living expenses and legal guarantee in China; and inviter’s foreign affairs officer’s information;

(4) Temporary Accommodation Information Registration Form and its photocopy at local police station or hotels in network with exit and entry management department;

(5) Foreign affairs officer’s ID card (State contact information on photocopy);

(6) Inviter’s organization code and registration certificates, annually-inspected license duplicate, foreign (region) enterprise resident representative office’s registration certificate, and legal person certificate of public institute. If inviters are government agencies, diplomatic and consular institutes, and public education institutions, registration certificate is not needed in accordance with the law;

(7) Foreigners not holding R visa should apply for it, and submit required materials to prove they meet the talent introduction standards as stipulated by the Chinese government;

(8) Other materials the public security organ thinks it might be necessary to submit.


(1) Applicant must take a face-to-face interview;

(2) R visa extension is only effective for the entry in question, with no effect on the number of entries and validity on the original visa, and the accumulative extension should not exceed the duration of stay as stated on the visa. Non-R visa expires when R visa is issued. Time limit for R visa approval depends on applicant’s status;

(3) Inviter should register with Changsha Public Security Bureau’s exit and entry management department as required by law;

(4) Original application materials are needed for checking and their photocopies will be put on file (A4 paper), except application form and official letter;

(5) Foreign language application materials shall be translated into Chinese word-for-word by inviter and be stamped with the inviter’s seal or by qualified translation company and stamped with its seal before being submitted;

(6) Foreigners should annul their Chinese household registration before filing an application, and offer annulment proof to local police station if necessary.

Legal reminder

(1) The Exit-Entry Administration Law’s 29 clause stipulates that foreigners who need to extend their duration of stay should file an application to local public security’s exit and entry administration department at or above county level seven days before their visa expires;

(2) Unit issuing official letter should be held accountable for the verity of the letter content;

(3) Applicant and individual or unit issuing invitation letter and certificates shall cooperate with public security organ’s exit and entry administration in interview, telephone inquiry, and on-the-spot investigation.

(4) Exit and entry management institute’s decision on foreign visa extension, renewal, replacement is definitive.

(5) Visa agencies can reserve the right not to explain the reasons for visa denial.

Working hours and location:

Working hours: Monday-Friday (except holidays)

Address: No 2 Fenglinyi Road, Yingwan town, Changsha city (4th floor, Hexi Traffic Police Building’s Skirt Building)

Time limit for getting the certificate: Seven working days if all materials are in place, excluding time for investigation.

Tel: 0731-82587623; 0731-82587653

Changsha Public Security Bureau’s population and exit and entry management department is responsible for the interpretation of the notice and reserves the right to make changes.


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