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Hunan Provincial Museum

Updated: 2014-08-05

Hunan Provincial Museum

Founded in the early 1950s, Hunan Provincial Museum is located in Kaifu District of Changsha City, adjoining the Martyrs’ Park and covering an area of 51,000 square meters. The museum boasts abundant collections that feature the cultural relics excavated from the world-famous Mawangdui Tombs of Han Dynasty, the bronze wares of Shang and Zhou Dynasties, cultural relics of Chu Dynasty, pottery and porcelain works from various dynasties, calligraphy works and paintings, and modern cultural relics, thereby listed as the largest historical and artistic museum in Hunan Province, as well as one of the first eight National Foremost Museums eligible to be co-constructed by central and local governments.

Seen from above, this placid and grandiose compound resembles a delicate small town embedded in a huge piece of emerald. The whole structure within the compound is a combination of the traditional culture of Hunan Province and modern architectural style; simple yet elegant, stately yet tasteful, thus becoming one of the landmarks of Changsha, a city with long history. The museum also features modern technologies, housing five permanent exhibitions and other temporary exhibitions.

With its unique style and a concentration of treasures and cultural relics from the land of Hunan, Hunan Provincial Museum presents a panoramic picture of Hunan civilization and its rich connotations, serving as a representative of Hunan culture as well as the best window through which to interpret the brilliant Hunan culture and attract millions of visitors from home and abroad every year.

Tips: The museum is not open to visitors at present as it is in the process of revamping.

Changsha seeks to revive porcelain production

In recent years, the local government has sought to revive the region's long tradition in porcelain making and boost local industry with the cultural influence of ancient Tongguan kilns, which have a history of 1,200 years.

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