Laoxiangshi Restaurant

Updated: 2014-07-23

This was opened by the Changsha Laoxiangshi Catering Co, in 2003, to combine leisure and recreation.

Its young owner, Wang Zhenhua, has already developed two large restaurants in just two years, both in the tiny Xingsha district. His restaurants are some of the first choices of Xingsha residents and other visitors, who go out of the way to experience them first-hand.

The dishes have healthy ingredients and distinctness achieved through unconventional cooking methods. The delicacies, coupled with the service, tempt just about everyone.

While the decor may not be anything special, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable, and perfect for a meal. There are delicious courses that come with a reasonable price.

Laoxiangshi Special Restaurant

Address: 330, Block 54, Xingsha district, Changsha county

Tel: 0731-402-2499

Parking lot: 50 spaces

Laoxiangshi Village Restaurant

Address: 200 meters from Kaiyuan East Rd terminal, Changsha county

Tel: 0731-639-9993

Average cost per person: 45 yuan

Style: Hunan cuisine

Hours: 10:00-22:00

Appropriate for: large gatherings, such as business banquets, birthday parties, family reunions, or just a group of friends dining together.

Laoxiangshi Restaurant

This secret barbecue involves very careful preparation, with only the juiciest carefully chosen meat, picked with Laoxiangshi spice, and grilled over wood, emitting a perfect chorus of tender, crispy meat and thick aroma.

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Contact Us

Tel: +86(0731)-8401-8486

Add: No.19, Kaiyuan Rd, Xingsha, Changsha county