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Kunshan sets up ‘10-minute service circle’

Many residential areas in Kunshan are built around parks, which are convenient for locals who want to exercise and relax. Kunshan has set up a 10-minute service circle for parks. Now residents only need to walk 10 minutes, or 500 meters, to reach a 5,000-square-meter park.

Five new parks last year

Kunshan has worked hard in recent years to construct city parks. It invested 160 million yuan ($26.08 million) in park construction last year. It added 540,000 square meters of green land last year. Bingjiang Park in Lujia town and the robot industrial park in the hi-tech zone were also successfully completed. Kunshan, so far, has 64 green areas, each of which covers more than 5,000 square meters. Per capita park land area has reached 15.12 square meters.

Besides newly-built parks, Kunshan also strengthened park restoration. It not only renovated and improved services at Tinglin Park and Forest Park, but also restored parks around residential areas and streets in line with old town renovation. Many parks added chairs, improved lighting systems and expanded areas for local exercise.

Transforming ‘grey area’ into ‘green space’

Since the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Shanghai-Nanjing intercity railway run through Kunshan, an intercity park covering an area of 1.5 million square meters will be built. Near the northern section of the high-speed railway, the 260,000-square-meter Lianhu Park is under construction. Wetland parks and city green areas will also be built under the high-voltage cables. An ecological green corridor for walking and fishing will be built along the important traffic line.

Kunshan has built parks around rivers and lakes, such as Bingjiang Park, Yangchenhu Lake Park, Hubing Park and the Xiajiahe River landscape belt.

City parks for relaxation

In recent years, Kunshan has combined the construction of bike paths with water-side landscapes and ecological landscapes.

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