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Huaqiao to cooperate with Jiangxi Education Department

Huaqiao International Service Business Park (HISBP), in South China’s Jiangsu province, welcomed two guests from Jiangxi’s Provincial Education Department on Feb 28.

Ping Xintu, deputy head of the Jiangxi Education Department’s career guidance center for university and college graduates, was told about Huaqiao’s overall development plan during his tour in HISBP’s Planning Exhibition Hall, and its need for professionals after visiting four typical Huaqiao-based enterprises - mostly in the service industry - as well as their facilities prepared for the professionals.

Ping showed great interest in Huaqiao’s development, industrial structure and professional services, and expected a long-term cooperation on the use of professionals to be established between Jiangxi and Huaqiao International Service Business Park.

In a symposium, in tandem with this Jiangxi visitors’ tour, Ping gave a detailed introduction to Jiangxi’s universities and colleges, as well as their graduates’ employment.

Huaqiao’s industrial development and the demand for professionals by Huaqiao-based companies can guarantee graduates from Jiangxi universities and colleges bright career prospects, Ping said at the symposium. The professionals’ introduction, training, and university-enterprises cooperation were also discussed at the meeting.

According to their agreement, Huaqiao International Service Business will stage a campus recruitment in Jiangxi this April.

The Jiangxi Provincial Education Department was the park’s sixth cooperation with regard to professionals, following its cooperation with Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Hunan and Shannxi provinces, all of whom have contributed a lot to the park’s professionals introduction network.

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