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"Green Bank": a green resource of HISBP

"Green Bank" - a concept developed by Huaqiao International Service Business Park (HISBP) at its early stage of construction - intends to use underdeveloped land within the park as a nursery garden for tree saplings, and to stock trees for the park’s future greening projects.

To date, the "Green Bank" has been home to dozens of tree species in an area of 160 hectares, and has provided abundant green resources for the park; meanwhile, it is a highlight of the park’s ecological environment.

At the beginning of 2014, the green bank had supplied over 1,500 trees to the greening of the park’s main roads, thus helping it to cut expenditure by 4 million yuan ($652,000). In addition, according to the park’s plan, part of the tree stock will be used for the park’s later greening projects, and some 8 million yuan of savings will be made.

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