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Kunshan takes steps to build beautiful towns

On Feb 18-19, an expert team from Suzhou inspected Zhouzhuang town, Qiandeng town and Dianshan Lake town in Kunshan regarding their achievements in beautiful town construction. The three towns, as beautiful demonstration sites, invested 240 million yuan ($39.49 million) into 388 projects for environment protection.

Beautiful town construction plays a key role in Suzhou’s construction of a beautiful Suzhou and promotion of urban and rural integration. Suzhou has selected 16 towns as demonstration towns. It plans to significantly strengthen economic vitality, improve ecological environment and enhance public satisfaction by the end of 2015.

Kunshan has attached great importance to beautiful town construction. Its three demonstration towns are also forging ahead with construction efforts. Last year, Dianshan Lake town made progress in improving water quality, green coverage and public services. Qiandeng town increased efforts to protect the environment and improve local resident livelihood. Zhouzhuang town worked to boost economic development and improve people’s lives.

This year, Kunshan plans to invest 136 million yuan to build the three towns as distinctive modern towns characterized by water.

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