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Kunshan’s talent competitiveness tops Jiangsu province

A report on the talent competitiveness of Jiangsu province (2013) was released on Jan 25. This is the first time Jiangsu province has released the talent competitiveness of its cities and counties. The report ranks the talent competitiveness of 48 counties in Jiangsu. Kunshan came in first place thanks to its comprehensive talent competitiveness.

The report is published by the association for the promotion of startups by young and middle-aged people of Jiangsu province and the research center of the talent competitiveness of Chinese counties. It is the first report on the talent competitiveness of counties in China, which shows detailed information about Jiangsu’s 13 cities and 48 counties, involving more than 6,771 pieces of index data.

The report sets a comprehensive, scientific and accurate index system for the first time, including eight first-class indexes: the competitiveness of talent quantity, talent quality, talent structure, talent investment, talent platform, talent living environment, talent innovation and talent contribution. It is based on the huge data of talent in Jiangsu and measures talent competitiveness by its evaluation method for regional talents of Jiangsu province.

At present, Kunshan has introduced and trained 79 talents for the 1,000 Talents Program, 3,000 high-quality overseas professionals and 61,000 highly skilled workers, with 380, 000 talents in total, its talent contribution rate up to 47.01%.

Top five provincial cities on the report

Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang

Top 10 county-level cities on the report

Kunshan, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Yixing, Taicang, Danyang, Yangzhong, Jingjiang, Liyang

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