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Genpact Limited and Delphi Corporation join hands in Huaqiao

On the morning of January 21, Genpact Limited, a global leader in transforming and running business processes and operations, and Delphi Automotive PLC, a leading global supplier of technologies for automotive and commercial vehicles as well as other market segments, announced the official launch of their project operation center in Huaqiao International Service Business Park, unveiling the cooperation of the two business giants in China.

Based on their cooperation agenda, Genpact (Suzhou) Information Technology Service Co will provide finance and accounting business process services to Delphi China, helping Delphi transform and streamline its finance operation through a shared services operation.

Following its debut in the Chinese market in 2000, as one of the five biggest global service providers in China announced by the Ministry of Commerce, Genpact has built five branches including its Dalian branch, Suzhou branch and Hong Kong branch. Founded in 2011 in Huaqiao International, Genpact (Suzhou) Information Technology Service Co is of strategic importance in Genpact’s global business network, and provides business process design, financial management and human resources management consulting for China-based American and European enterprises as well as Asia-Pacific enterprises.

“The cooperation with Delphi is a milestone for us as we grow our facility in Huaqiao into a world-class shared services center to expand both sides’ businesses in China and share resources and advantages,” said Mudit, CEO of Genpact China.

He added that Genpact has received support from local governments, will increase investment and set up a giant operation center with a capacity of 1,000 employees.

In recent years, Delphi has been focusing on its development in the Asia-Pacific region. Its cooperation with Genpact provides an effective support for growth.

The project in Huaqiao is a significant addition to Delphi’s global business network. “We appreciate Huaqiao’s commitment to shared service, its excellent focus on infrastructure, and its central location with convenient access to our facilities,” said Ron Jobe, vice-president of Delphi.

Edited by Michael Thai.

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