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Ten service outsourcing industry trends in 2013

With the rapid development of the global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) market, service providers and industries will introduce new incentives to attract BPO workers, including tax incentives, fee adjustments or relief. Due to the increasing price of Indian service providers, service providers from other countries like China and the Philippines will emerge rapidly.

Outsourcing companies need to adopt technological methods beyond phone calls and e-mails to communicate with and deliver services to customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are influential to the industry.

Most companies apply a multiparty outsourcing model, the fate of which is hard to predict as companies are facing increasing pressure.

Since 2009 the number of large orders has decreased significantly.

Service outsourcing providers who are under pressure have introduced new charging models.

Companies will have to hire service providers with higher safety levels to protect corporate data. Liability issues have become essential content in negotiations between the two parties.

Indian outsourcing providers are trying to set up a comprehensive business system in the US, which means they have to keep close contact with clients, especially when their clients are at the top of the value chain. Now that the US is suffering an economic recession, these clients must find a way to reduce costs and maintain margins.

Surveys from network analysis institutions indicate that outsourcing services which are managed by next-generation cloud services and remote infrastructure are likely to find opportunities.

The most unusual trend in 2012 is that professionals in various industries began to enter outsourcing services.

It’s predicted that the UK government will create a new ownership model to share services and large outsourcing deals, which will benefit small European enterprises and large German and US groups.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zhao Lu and Michael Thai

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