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Huaqiao holds seminar on construction of intelligent city

Huaqiao International Service Business Park held a seminar on the construction of an intelligent city on August 29. Relevant directors from China Mobile’s Kunshan branch and Insigma Technology Corporation were invited to attend the seminar.

At the seminar, chief of China Mobile’s Kunshan branch introduced the construction plan on the informationization of Huaqiao International Service Business Park. The construction of Huaqiao as an intelligent city will be implemented in three respects: government administration, industry development and people's livelihood. A wireless urban network, which incorporates the application of 2G, 3G and WLAN, will be built. The plan clarified the significance of intelligent city construction in promoting optimization and upgrading industrial structures in Huaqiao. Informationization will help create a more approachable wireless government administration, which will improve administrative efficiency and government civil service as well as establish a new governmental image.

The seminar also noted that China Mobile’s Kunshan branch and Insigma Technology Corporation should join efforts in building an intelligent Huaqiao. With the guidance of government and participation of corporations, a wireless urban ecosphere will be built in Huaqiao.

Edited by Lin Hong, Lei Jiawen and Michael Thai

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