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China to accelerate global cooperation in service outsourcing industry

“With the wide application of new systems and technologies like cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the information technology industry has been integrating with traditional industries. A new round of industrial transfer with service outsourcing as its representative has been further deepened all over the world,” said Wan Lianpo, deputy director of the Commercial Service Department of China’s Ministry of Commerce.

The China-Europa Service Outsourcing Development Forum opened on September 4 in Jinlin province. “China’s international service outsourcing business is growing quickly against global recession, its business and partner countries tend to be diverse,” said Wan Lianpo.

With economic globalization and wider applications of modern information technology, a new round of industrial transfer, highlighted by R&D transfer of modern service industries and high-end manufacturing, is developing. Modern service industries have become an important strategic choice for developing countries to participate in global competition. Experts think service pattern innovation provides a new opportunity for China to adjust the industrial structure, transform the economic development pattern and promote the employment of university students.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zhao Lu and Michael Thai

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