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Global Data Solution Ltd: targeting the ‘cloud’

More and more high-growth companies have transferred their strategic focus to the public cloud as a result of increasing operation and maintenance costs. Having received the first Information Security Service Qualification Certificate (Categories of Disaster Recovery Grade 1) in China, Global Data Solution (GDS) established their GDS High-Availability Cloud Datacenter in cooperation with Softbank. The datacenter has passed the highest VMware certification and will fill the gap in China’s disaster recovery industry by providing public cloud services in data outsourcing and disaster recovery.

The public cloud services will help reduce costs, improve efficiency, conduct professional operation and maintenance, and create a new value chain by integrating service suppliers and users.

Instead of several days or weeks, it will take only a few minutes to realize self-service IT resource allocation through the HA cloud infrastructure. GDS thought it essential to keep the cloud processor running 24/7.

GDS has proved its excellence with its highly integrated one-stop service, world-class datacenter, high-availability IT service experience and industry chain integration capability.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zhang Tianyi and Michael Thai

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