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Guangdong spurs service outsourcing industry

Recently, Guangdong province announced that it will broaden cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in service outsourcing, hoping to transform its service outsourcing industry into a new economic engine.

Guangdong will make the best of its geographical location and establish service outsourcing projects with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in sectors such as financial background service, software and information technology service, cartoon and creative design, and logistics and supply chain management.

By developing partnerships with Hong Kong and Macao, Guangdong hopes to establish an international outsourcing industry. With Hong Kong's experience in service outsourcing, Guangdong and Hong Kong will jointly expand their outsourcing market in Europe, America and Japan.

Guangdong hopes that by 2015 it will have constructed a competitive outsourcing industry with an appropriate layout and distinctive industry cluster and have total value of service outsourcing contracts reach $15 billion.

Edited by Lin Hong, Lei Jiawen and Michael Thai

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