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Kunshan’s achievements in modernization

Kunshan, ranking first among China’s top 100 counties, has made near-perfect achievements in the economy during the first half of the year. GDP reached 125 billion with a year-on-year increase of 11 percent. Public finance budget came to 11.27, increasing 7.2 percent. Per capita income for urban residents increased by 14.8 percent with 21,303 yuan and that for rural residents grew by 15.4 percent with 17,065 yuan.

As a sample area and leading area for all-round well-off society construction, Kunshan would form the initial framework of modernization and reach the level of moderately developed countries and regions by the end of the year.

“Taking the lead in achieving modernization not just means blind pursuit of GDP growth, but comprehensive transformation of economic society and a qualitative leap in people’s life quality,” said Guan Aiguo, Party secretary of Kunshan. Kunshan holds leading advantages in seven fields including industrial transformation and upgrades, technological innovations, modern agriculture, urban-rural integration, social construction, cultural construction and ecological civilization. Kunshan intends to construct a livable and harmonious city with global modern industries.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zhao Lu and Tom Mc Gregor


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