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Kunshan officials visit Huaqiao

Guan Aiguo, Party secretary of Kunshan, and Kunshan officials from the Development and Reform Committee, Finance Bureau, Urban Planning Bureau and Land Bureau visited Huaqiao International Service Business Park on August 13.

The delegation first visited the Huaqiao Experience Center. Guan Aiguo noted the experience center’s great development potential. To strengthen it, relevant departments should provide supporting policies and special funds.

CDP Group Ltd., one of the top three human resources outsourcing corporations in China, plans to move its national background base into Huaqiao. Guan Aiguo pointed out that Kunshan should offer full support for CDP because its arrival will surely promote the industrial transformation of Huaqiao.

Wandanu Industry Development Corporation is an enterprise that specializes in production and sales of shoes and clothes with over 400 branches across the country. Wandanu has recently established its headquarters in Huaqiao. Guai Aiguo expressed his wishes for Wandanu's prosperity in Huaqiao.

At a seminar, Guan Aiguo listened to a report on Huaqiao's development. He revealed that Huaqiao is now in a crucial period of development. Kunshan officials should offer quality service for enterprises, explore their potential and introduce more outstanding enterprises into Huaqiao.

Edited by Lin Hong, Lei Jiawen and Michael Thai

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