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Huaqiao eyeing “first class” development in 2010

The 12th Five-Year Planning Expert Commission, led by Wang Changlin, Deputy Director-General of the Institute of Industrial Development of the State Development and Reform Commission, visited Huaqiao International Service Business Park for an investigation into the development of the modern service industry on November 13.

Zhang Jianwen and Du Lixin, vice directors of the managing committee of Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, welcomed the Commission and briefed them on Huaqiao’s successful development in the first ten months of this year despite the global financial crisis, which is illustrated in the following table:


Total value (Unit: yuan) 

Percent change from the previous year(Unit;%)

Local GDP

5.63 billion


Estimated revenue

830 million


Value added in service industry

2.885 billion


Fixed-asset investments

5.5 billion


Zhang also shared Huaqiao’s development plan for 2010, which aims to realize four “first-class” goals:

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Huaqiao eyeing “first class” development in 2010 China's modern service industry is promising, official says

First-class planning system for high-end targets will be designed.

First-class basic infrastructure to support further development will be constructed.

First-class leading industry will be nurtured.

First-class service environment will be set up for enterprises and business people.

Huaqiao also plans to break through the bottlenecks in the following six aspects: city pattern, industrial aggregation, program output, city function, development capacity and social undertakings, Zhang said.

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