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The asset management company for the Huaqiao International Business Zone recently held a middle-level cadres meeting summing up the achievements and weaknesses in the work done in the first three quarters of the year. While actively planning the work to be done in the fourth quarter, the board explored new ways of solving problems and spared no efforts towards the completion of the annual target.

The board stressed the following tasks should be prioritized in the next quarter:

Finish raising the year-end closing funds as soon as possible by assisting relevant departments;

Assist the planning and construction departments in reviewing and issuing entrusted loans;

Keep track of the follow-up situations of the first investment of the BPO, master its real-time dynamics and develop a standardized working system and business review procedures;

Speed-up the application of property licenses for the Sailing Community, Talent Apartment and Ambow, and formulate corresponding asset usage regulations;

Effectively promote the auditing work of those completed projects;

Plan the construction of a bonded warehouse, a project within the cross-straits business and trade cooperation zone;

Establish and improve accounting information and corresponding company rules in order to regulate the operation of the company.

By Li Jing

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