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Shanghai district learns from Huaqiao

Xie Feng, Vice President of Shanghai’s Jinshan District, said he his determined to learn from Huaqiao to realize industrial transformation and keep up with the times.

Shanghai district learns from Huaqiao
A delegation group led by Xie Feng, Vice President of Shanghai’s Jinshan District, visited Huaqiao International Service Business Park.

He made the comment in his speech during an investigative visit with a delegation to Huaqiao International Service Business Park on November 5.

Xie also spoke highly of Huaqiao’s rapid development. “Huaqiao International Service Business Park is wise in its position to be a backup for Shanghai with a clear development plan, far-reaching industrial outlay and advanced basic infrastructure,” he said, adding he was also optimistic on Huaqiao’s future.

The delegation group was received by Cheng Wenrong, Vice Director of the Managing Committee of Huaqiao Economic Development Zone and other relevant officials, who briefed them on industrial positions, functional layout and capital management.

Located in the southwest of Shanghai and on the northern shore of Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District is the center of the economic zone covering Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Zhoushan, and the hub of Yangtze Delta Area.

Jinshan has rich and large farmland, and dense water network, called ‘the barn of Shanghai’. Due to good weather and advantageous natural conditions, it produces abundantly rice, fruits, vegetables, pork, fish and shrimp, poultry and egg, and sea food. Its two key industries are vegetables for export and high-quality water melon, and its five industrial bases are grape, peach, strawberry, flower and young trees, and edible fungoid.

By David Grey

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