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Liuzhou's most beautiful view point: the riverside footpath    2015-03-23
The one kilometer riverside footpath at the core landscape belt of the Liujiang River is perhaps the best way to see Liuzhou.

Liuzhou holds 2015 spring job fair    2015-03-19
A large-scale job fair was held at the No 3 Middle School in Liuzhou, Guangxi, on March 15.

SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile sells well    2015-03-17
SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile sold an accumulative total of 330,896 completed automobiles in January and February.

Small birdcages open up big market    2015-03-17
Families in Baipeng town’s Xinxuchang in Liuzhou have developed a novel way of making a living by producing birdcages.

Liuzhou to add two trains to Guangzhou    2015-03-16
Nanning Railway Bureau will readjust its train schedules on March 20, to coincide with the arrival of two new trains. The trains will travel to Guangzhou South Railway Station, increasing the total number of trains travelling between Liuzhou and Guangzhou to four.

Midmonth weather of Liuzhou    2015-03-13
Liuzhou's average temperature and precipitation in the middle of March will be similar to that of previous years, according to Liuzhou's meteorological observatory on March 11.

Liuzhou performs well in robot match    2015-03-13
A team from Liuzhou achieved good results in the 2015 BoboCup Korean Open, an event on artificial intelligence and robotics, according to Liuzhou's Science and Technology Museum on March 10.

Best places to admire flowers in Liuzhou    2015-03-13
With the spring fast approaching, it is great time to see various kinds of flowers in bloom. The follows are some of the places where a stunning variety of flowers and blossoms can be seen in Liuzhou, Guangxi.

Liuzhou monitors vehicle emissions to improve air quality    2015-03-12
Liuzhou began monitoring and managing the city’s automotive emissions on March 2 in a bid to reduce air pollution and meet national air quality standards.

New kindergartens and schools open in Liuzhou    2015-03-11
As the new semester began on March 2, a batch of new schools and kindergartens opened in Liuzhou.

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