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China playing a rising role in ASEAN business    2013-10-11
Being export and investment-oriented, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations economies have benefited from the Chinese market, which has fostered the bloc's rising momentum in both of its economic growth drivers, experts said.

Trust 'key' to boosting Sino-ASEAN ties    2013-10-06
There is an urgent need to build trust in the region, experts said.

China, Malaysia lift bilateral cooperation    2013-10-06
China and Malaysia have designated 2014 as a year of friendly exchanges when the two countries plan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Premier's Brunei visit will enhance co-op    2013-10-05
Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Zheng Xianglin said on Friday that the good relationship and cooperation between Brunei and China will enhance further in several sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, energy and economic sectors.

Strategic cooperation can boost bilateral relations    2013-10-04
Malaysia is an old friend of China in Southeast Asia. Bilateral relations are longstanding and progressing steadily.

OECD: Nationwide GDP growth may regain momentum    2013-09-08
Despite a slowdown in recent months, China's GDP growth may rebound to a rate of 8 percent by the end of the year, according to projections by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

China vows openness for regional, global economic co-op    2013-09-06
While some Asian neighbors are considering whether to enter into one or more economic partnerships, China has vowed for an open, inclusive attitude towards the coexistence of multiple regional and global frameworks of cooperation.

Beidou system to navigate China-ASEAN co-op    2013-09-06
Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) will play a bigger role in building the "diamond decade" of China-ASEAN cooperation, as hi-tech information technology will be applied in more areas of cooperation.

CAEXPO: A tour of Southeast Asia    2013-09-06
A walk around the CAEXPO exhibition hall in Nanning, South China, is like a tour of the 10 Southeast Asian countries, as visitors can see and taste what each country has to offer.

'Diamond decade' expected    2013-09-06
China keen to expand trade and investment with asean bloc

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